Our Mission

Replace, reduce and refine the use of experimental animals.

Who we are

We are the European 3Rs Society. Our team consists of renowned scientists, physicians, veterinarians and educators from Europe.

What we do

We are devoted to the promotion and implementation of the 3Rs Principles in all areas of the life sciences.

The 3Rs Principles

The 3Rs are guiding principles for ethical practices in animal research to increase humanity of experimental techniques.

Linz 2024
September 18 – 20

The annual EUSAAT Congress at the University of Linz, Austria

Our annual congress provides an opportunity to share scientific experience on alternatives to animal use in the life sciences, to get updated on the EU 3Rs policy and to discuss new concepts of implementing the 3Rs in academic education at the European and the international level.

Virtual Seminar Series

The Virtual Seminar Series serves as a free online alternative to our EUSAAT Congress. The sessions will cover all 3R areas and will give an overview of the latest topics and results. All lectures will be held via Zoom by distinguished as well as younger researchers.

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