On 16 September 2021 the European Parliament adopted a motion by 667 votes to 4, on a plan ‘to accelerate the transition to innovation without the use of animals’.

The accepted text of the resolution of the European Parliament 2019-2024 P9_TA(2021)0387 “Plans and actions to accelerate a transition to innovation without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing and education (2021/2784(RSP)” could be found here:
As a reaction, EARA, the European Animal Research Association, is deeply concerned over the vote in the European Parliament on 16 September 2021, which “threatens the future of effective biomedical research in Europe” as expressed on their website today https://www.eara.eu/post/eu-parliament-vote

The full EARA press release “EARA concerns over EU vote” dated 2021-09-16 could be found here:

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